Free Roof Check Ups

"Why Am I Offering Australian Homeowners $30 CASH And A Detailed Roof Check-Up Absolutely FREE?"

Dear Homeowner,

Why am I offering you such an irresistible, no-risk offer? ... am I crazy? It's simple. Let me explain.

Times are tough. We have to earn the right to your business by offering you a free no obligation service without even expecting you to give us anything in return. If sometime in the future you want to do something, then you might think of us. But first I have to clear up something.

This is important.

We are not a fly-by-night company. Our office is not in a local caravan park and we don't roam from state to state ripping people off. Our company has been going for over 12 years. We have restored over 15,698 roofs.

We operate in four states and are fully licensed in each state and we are members of the Housing Industry Association and Master Builders Association (See "about us" for full details.)

Again... I Am Not Asking You To Restore Your Roof!! All I'm offering is a FREE detailed Roof Check-Up. When and if you decide to do anything is entirely up to you. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Here Is My Absolutely Free No Risk Offer

  • Free Roof Check-Up - Value $100-$200
  • Free CASH - Value $30
  • Genuine discount of $500 off the price of your roof restoration. This voucher is valid for 2 years and can be used by you at any time within the 2 years when & if you decide to restore your roof.     (A stamp is an economical way to introduce ourselves compared to other media so we pass these savings on to you.) - Value $500
  • Genuine discount of $200 off the price of each Focus Roller Shutter. Again a stamp is a cost effective way to attract new business. - Value $200
  • FREE booklet ' How To Intruder-Proof Your Home'. RRP $20.00 - but you get it for free. - Value $20

I promise no pushy salesman will call. Our Customer Service Manager gets paid a wage every week. He is not a high pressure full commission salesman.

Not sure if you need to have your roof inspected?

Here are some of the potentially dangerous problems that we found and fixed for a recent Australian homeowner.

  • Moss and lichen growth, deteriorating the tile surface
  • 134 Broken tiles, many causing leaks
  • 146 Ridgecap tiles had to be rebedded, these could have blown off
  • All ridges had to be repointed, stopping pesky leaks
  • Tiles absorbing moisture, increasing roof's weight by up to 10%

His roof was only 20-years old! So wouldn't you agree that your roof could have similar problems?

Trouble is these little blighters are out of sight, out of mind. Unless you check your roof on a regular basis there is no way of telling what nasty situations could be developing.

If you have insulation, leaks may not be found until they have caused serious damage to insulation, ceilings, wallpaper and expensive furniture.

This offer is for a limited time only. We are only giving 30 people per state the opportunity of a FREE Roof Check-Up and $30 CASH. To book in your FREE Roof Check-Up, simply fill in the FREE Roof Check-Up Form under this letter.

This is what you get with your FREE Roof Check-Up.

  • Roof Tiles are checked for moss or lichen growth
  • This indicates if your tiles are absorbing moisture or not.
  • Cement around ridgecaps are inspected including rebedding cement
  • If one finger can lift the ridgecap this represents a dangerous situation.
  • Entire roof is checked for chipped or broken tiles
  • Leaks caused by broken tiles can go undetected for years because insulation hides leaks. I have often found nasty leaks caused by a broken tile right over electrical wiring.
  • Battens and roof trusses are checked for damage and bowing
  • A wet roof can increase its own weight by 10% - 20%. That's like parking your car up on your roof every time it rains! A good test to do is get a bucket full of water, climb to the top of your roof and pour it out. Watch to see how much water makes it to the gutter. It's not much, if any.
  • Tiles are checked for crazing
  • Crazing occurs when the coating of the tile cracks like dried mud. With the protective coating of the tile now useless water will follow the path of least resistance and can completely crack the tile.
  • Tiles are checked for pitting
  • Pitting occurs when water pools on the surface of the tile and gradually bores a hole in the tile.
  • Tiles are checked for discolouration and fading
  • Under the overlap of the tiles is the original tile colour. It's amazing to see how far the tiles have faded after some 15 plus years.
  • Valley Irons are inspected
  • Valley Irons can rust over the years and are thoroughly checked as leaks often occur from valley irons.
  • Flashings are checked
  • Flashings around chimneys and flues are inspected for tears and waterproof-ness.
  • Gutters and downpipes are inspected
  • Moss growing from the tiles can fall into the gutters. This can block the gutters, allowing water to flow back under the eaves causing water damage. Also the wet, soggy moss lying in the gutters is a great way for the gutters to rust out. A waterproof and sealed roof will prevent future moss growth and thus save you thousands of dollars of gutter replacement.

As you can see this is quite a detailed Roof Check-Up. A building inspector would charge $100 - $200 for a similar report. But you'll get it FREE!

Remember you don't have to decide on getting your roof restored now.

You can decide that much later when you are ready... sometime in the future... there are definitely no strings attached.

With this in mind here is what you get.

  • The Roof Check-Up (of value $100-$200) is yours completely FREE of charge and there is absolutely no obligation at all on your part. You have NO RISK whatsoever.
  • The $30 CASH is just my way of saying 'thankyou' for meeting me.
  • The 3 FREE Bonuses $720 in value are the biggest and best unashamed bribes that I could think of.

Sure, you could let this opportunity slip by. And the days turn to weeks and the weeks turn to months. And then one day you are inside and it's blowing a gale outside. The rain is pelting down. You start to feel a little uneasy. You hope that your roof is OK but you're not sure. There's an awful amount of water pummelling your roof, you start to worry...Don't put yourself through that.

Many sicknesses can be cured quickly and easily when they are detected early. Doesn't it make sense to give your roof a check up, before early problems turn into dollar devouring monsters? Give yourself peace of mind with your FREE Roof Check Up.

Fill in the FREE Roof-Check Up form under this letter and our secretary will personally return your call. You are under no obligation or risk. First in first served so call now!

I understand that you may have no intention of getting your roof restored now. That's OK. At least for your own peace of mind get your roof checked out. You'll get $30 CASH and some great bonuses.

Your roof is important. Isn't it? For your own peace of mind and safety fill in the FREE Roof Check-Up Form. You'll be glad you did. Don't hesitate, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Brad Rodda (Director of Focus Home Improvements)

P.S. Please remember this offer is for only the first 30 people to call. You have no risk whatsoever. The worst thing that can happen is you get a FREE Roof Check Up and $30 CASH (homeowners only). So call now to avoid disappointment.

Request a Roof Checkup

To arrange a free measure and quote, call us on FreeCall 1800 617 717 or contact us via the form below:

  • "When I was approached for a Free Roof Check-Up, I was a bit hesitant. But I thought, I've got nothing to lose, I'm under no pressure to get anything done, so why not. Boy was I glad I did. I had many broken tiles, my ridgecaps were completely loose, my roof was bad and could only get worse. What might have looked OK from the ground turns out to be not OK when inspected from roof level - and being a retired pensioner, the roof is not a place I frequently go."
    -Jack & Helen Flack of Christie Downs, South Australia-
  • "I am just so pleased with the roof restoration, I just had to write to express my delight over it. The roof looks fantastic, the colour is very rich and I now have peace of mind that our home will be safe from water damage for many years to come. Your workman was most professional. Thanks again for a great job!"
    -Karen Harper of Wagga , New South Wales-
  • "Our roof needed urgent attention. Ridge capping cement was breaking up, tiles were moving and in a poor condition, the colour was powdering away and the roof was leaking water. Within 10 Days of our first phone call all was fixed including replacing guttering."
    -Graham and Pauline Redman of Reynella, South Australia-
  • "Excellent job. The final appearance has put value on our home. Thanks for all your help!"
    -BW & M Bartley of Elizabeth East, South Australia-
  • "Our roof is only 14-years old, yet we had moss, broken tiles and ridgecaps in need of repointing. Now after cleaning, repairing, resealing and coating we look forward to clean tankwater and a maintenance free roof for another 14 years."
    -Clive and Faye Jolley of Seaford Rise, South Australia-