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Roof Restoration

The Focus Roof Restoration Process Will Refresh The Look Of Your Roof, Protect It From Extreme Weather and Add Value To Your Home

Our roof restoration system has been developed by experienced technicians to combat problems associated with roof deterioration.

Focus Home Improvements offer you a quality roof restoration that has proven lasting results.

Specially designed to seal and protect your roof from extreme weather conditions, it has proved to be a successful and extremely valuable method of repair.

We know our product is special because we have years of experience in roofing and have keenly maintained our research and development programs.

The result is a highly resilient and superior roof coating product. Combine this with our 3-coat system and you have a process that demonstrates exceptional quality and long lasting results.

The FOCUS unique roof coating.

  • Is 300% thicker than other roof paints
  • Is flexible to suit temperature fluctuations
  • Will not deteriorate in high temperatures
  • Has a strong base pigment that provides lasting colour
  • Is non-toxic and environmentally sound
  • Is completely safe for rainwater run-off
  • 3-coat process ensures maximum bonding to roof’s surface

Often, the only reason we pay attention to our roof is when something goes wrong – when the signs of age and wear begin to produce faults.

“It’s like a ‘facial’ for your roof”

The Focus Roof Restoration system offers you enormous flexibility when choosing a colour to suit your home. Our product is applied by a qualified technician and provides your tiled roof with a superior seal and a new lease on life!.

“We put hand-made care into every last detail”

Here is the 5 Step Process that will turn any old, tired roof into 'better than new' condition.

Every broken tile is carefully replaced.

High pressure water blasting will remove all dirt and moss. This process is like a 'facial' for your roof.

When we re-bed your roof, a guide is used to ensure a straight ridge line. All old mortar is removed in preparation for bedding and capping.

Ridge caps are placed on wet mortar and allowed to set. This will ensure a stable foundation for each cap. All ridge capping is re-pointed and then strengthened.

Coat 1: Focus National acrylic resin (F.R.C.P.-888) is applied first. Coat 2: A coloured sealer is applied to inhibit moss and lichen regrowth. Coat 3: Containing U.V stabilizer and anti-fungicide, this coat is applied last; waterproofing and beautifying your home.

As part of our quality control, our licensed inspector will randomly check the work whilst in progress OR when completed; only presenting his report when fully satisfied with the standard of work.

Our roofing products are manufactured solely in Australia to suit Australian conditions – just another reason to choose the Focus Roof Restoration system when you decide to revitalise your roof.


Test System Primer / Substrate Adhesion Primer / Top Coat
Water based primer / water based top coat Failed to adhere Adhere strongly
Focus National use an exclusive acrylic resin polymer primer (F.R.C.P. – 888) / water based top coat Adhere strongly Adhere strongly
Standard cross hatch adhesion test were conducted on the cured top coat / primer systems

A roof coating system must adhere strongly to the tile surface to prevent premature blistering and peeling of the top coat. A roofing grade primer is used to ensure that the roof coating system adheres strongly to the tile surface. This primer must adhere firmly both to the cleaned surface of the aged cement roof tile and to the subsequently applied top coat. You can see from the table above that our exclusive acrylic resin polymer performs better than standard water based coats.

You’re Guaranteed!

7-Year Warranty:

For a Period of 7 (seven) years from the date of completion, subject to aftercare instructions, Focus National agrees to guarantee the client the following:

  • The coating and sealants applied will greatly reduce the regrowth of moss provided the aftercare instructions are carried out.
  • The coatings and sealants applied will not lift for the duration of the guarantee period.
  • Your roof will be left in a weatherproof condition when the work is completed, however, no responsibility will be taken by Focus National for damage caused by storm, damage due to movement of bedding and pointing the substrate or structure or any other works carried out on the roof creating further leaks, tile breakages or damage to sealant from other works being carried out or homeowner negligence.

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